Heritage Preservation Award

The Heritage & Arts Commission presents the Heritage Preservation Award in recognition of individual or group excellence in preserving peninsula history. This award is presented in May in coordination with National Heritage Preservation Month.


1996 – Edward Zelinsky for extensive preservation of historic downtown
buildings and the preservation of the historic character of our town.

1997 – Dr. David Steinhardt for the rescue of the Lyford House and for leading the effort to purchase Richardson Bay tidelands to prevent filling and development.

1998 – The Angel Island Association for its work in preserving the Civil War Era buildings and educational programs.

1999 – Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society for its ongoing work and
dedication to the preservation and development of historic properties.

2000 – Larry Smith for his successful effort to rescue Blackie’s Pasture from the muddy lot it had become, returning it and “Blackie” to their former and beloved pastoral state.

2001 – Betty McKegney for her ongoing dedication to the Town through her archival work for district schools, and as photographer of town, school, library and church events.

2002 – B-T Landmarks Society Archives for its collecting, cataloging and conservation of documents, photographs and artifacts from the Tiburon Peninsula.

2003 – Beverly W. Bastian for over 50 years of dedicated commitment to
education and the preservation of Tiburon Peninsula heritage and it’s landmarks.

2004 – Victoria Arnett for her dedication and perseverance in achieving the
placement of the Railroad-Ferry Depot on the National Register of Historic Places.

2005 – Jim Mitchell for his many years of service on the Tiburon Peninsula
Foundation, creating the Historical Trail and helping to found Blackie’s Brigade.

2006 – no award was presented.

2007 – Branwell Fanning for his many contributions to Tiburon – from Mayor to Town Historian, and his substantial efforts to spread his knowledge of local history and lore.  2007 HPA

2008 – Chris Morrison for over 40 years of gathering and sharing local history through the collection of papers, photograph, stories, artifacts and legends from the Tiburon Peninsula.  2008 HPA

2009 – Hillary Don, M.D. for his active leadership in open space conservation, and for historic preservation through his books and publications on Tiburon Peninsula history. 2009 HPA

2010 – Roger Felton for his dedication to the preservation of landmarks buildings in Tiburon & Belvedere, and his many other contributions to both communities. 2010 HPA

2011 – Diane Smith for over thirty years of documenting and preserving in photographs the unfolding history of the Tiburon Peninsula.  2011 HPA

2012 – Shirley Mitchell for her outstanding contributions to the historic record of Belvedere and Tiburon through oral histories gathered in “Both Sides of the Track”.  2012 HPA

2013 – Jack Fiorito for his years of outstanding service to the Landmarks Society as head docent of the China Cabin and as a community heritage educator.  2013 HPA

2014 – Phil Cassou for his active role in the  initial creation of the Railroad and Ferry Museum and for more than 15 years of tireless and enthusiastic service to the Belvedere – Tiburon Landmarks Society currently as Curator of the Museum and Coordinator of the Volunteer Docents.  2014 HPA

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