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Azita Mujica-Beavers, Chair

David M.Gotz, Vice Chair

Daniel Amir

Fran Hall

Elizabeth Merrill

Phillip Ramirez

Marlene Rice

Jaleh Etemad, Artist Laureate

Victoria Arnett, Commissoner Emeritus

Joan Palmero, Town Staff Liaison

The Mission of the Heritage & Arts Commission:

Preserve and advance the Town’s unique historic and cultural character and to advance the arts in the community.

To achieve this, the Heritage and Arts Commission:

  • recommends the appropriate selection, placement, modification and maintenance of art and historic objects on the Tiburon Peninsula for protection and enhancement;
  • recommends new street names with historic significance;
  • reviews and makes recommendations on the request of any group interested in artistic displays at Town facilities.

What does the Tiburon Heritage & Arts Commission Do?


  • initiates and acts upon applications to designate structures and sites as Town landmarks having historic, cultural or aesthetic value worthy of protection, enhancement or perpetuation;
  • acts as curator of Tiburon Town Hall; solicits and maintains appropriate historic and art objects for the Town;
  • publishes a Walking Tour Guide of Historic Tiburon (found in boxes outside Main Street and Ark Row shops);
  • surveys and writes a description of historic sites;
  • maintains a book with all former mayors’ photographs along with a written description of their terms in office as a tribute to Town history;
  • presents the Heritage Preservation Award in recognition of individual or group excellence in preserving peninsula historic properties;
  • designs monuments and markers, such as the Gallows Frame Monument, and the bronze plaque near the Railroad Palm showing the location of the former railroad yard.


  • holds 12 two-month long art exhibits at the Tiburon Town Hall (in two venues) to showcase talents of local artists of all ages;
  • encourages and sponsors art programs and events which are self-supporting in nature and coordinates joint events with the council, commissions and other organizations;
  • creates contemporary and historic displays for Town Hall;
  • accepts donations to the Heritage & Arts Fund to enhance the Town’s artistic and cultural heritage and reviews requests for memorials.


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  1. Lenae Corcoran says:


    I am the great-niece of Sam Vella (Louise Corcoran was his wife at the time of his death/return to Malta), and spent all my holidays with them. I am interested in collecting as much history on Uncle Sam as possible. Can you direct me to some possible local sources?

    Thank you!

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