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Fran Hall, Chair

Vince De Quattro, Vice Chair

Daniel Amir

Lisa Cohan

Victoria Fong

Azita Mujica-Beavers

Kenna Norris

Lily Smith

David M. Gotz, Town Historian

Jaleh Etemad, Artist Laureate

Victoria Arnett, Commissoner Emeritus

Patricia Pickett, Town Staff Liaison

The Mission of the Heritage & Arts Commission:

Preserve and advance the Town’s unique historic and cultural character and to advance the arts in the community.

To achieve this, the Heritage and Arts Commission:

  • recommends the appropriate selection, placement, modification and maintenance of art and historic objects on the Tiburon Peninsula for protection and enhancement;
  • recommends new street names with historic significance;
  • reviews and makes recommendations on the request of any group interested in artistic displays at Town facilities.

What does the Tiburon Heritage & Arts Commission Do?


  • initiates and acts upon applications to designate structures and sites as Town landmarks having historic, cultural or aesthetic value worthy of protection, enhancement or perpetuation;
  • acts as curator of Tiburon Town Hall; solicits and maintains appropriate historic and art objects for the Town;
  • publishes a Walking Tour Guide of Historic Tiburon (found in boxes outside Main Street and Ark Row shops);
  • surveys and writes a description of historic sites;
  • maintains a book with all former mayors’ photographs along with a written description of their terms in office as a tribute to Town history;
  • presents the Heritage Preservation Award in recognition of individual or group excellence in preserving peninsula historic properties;
  • designs monuments and markers, such as the Gallows Frame Monument, and the bronze plaque near the Railroad Palm showing the location of the former railroad yard.


  • holds 12 two-month long art exhibits at the Tiburon Town Hall (in two venues) to showcase talents of local artists of all ages;
  • encourages and sponsors art programs and events which are self-supporting in nature and coordinates joint events with the council, commissions and other organizations;
  • creates contemporary and historic displays for Town Hall;
  • accepts donations to the Heritage & Arts Fund to enhance the Town’s artistic and cultural heritage and reviews requests for memorials.


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